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Wealth has many different meanings and interpretations as I found from reading the posts we have received for this carnival. I was fascinated to see that wealth comes old English word “weal”, which means “well-being” or “welfare”. The term was originally an adjective to describe the possession of such qualities. Wealth now days has many different interpretations from being prosperous, being rich, having abundance and accumulating resources. Check out the references on wealth at wikipedia.

Carole and I have selected 5 top articles on various aspects of wealth.

We lead off this Abundance Carnival  with a first time ever blog carnival contributor, Evelyn Lim from Attraction Mind Map asking What Is Wealth Consciousness? Evelyn’s concluding paragraph I thought was a good lead in for this edition.

When nothing else concerns you except what more you need, nothing can satisfy you and that truly will make you poor and needy. But when you rid yourself of worry and poverty consciousness, you leave yourself open for a new consciousness to come in and take root. By freeing your mind of all cares, you unclog the channel through which will flow all the abundance and wealth that comes from the infinite. You will have created Wealth Consciousness.

Rocko asks:  What does it take to become wealthy? What does one need to feel wealthy? in Accumulation of Wealth .

How important being grateful is in becoming wealthy. With Gratitude, Fear Disappears by Mark Butler , writing about how “fear disappears and abundance appears, when we embrace gratitude.”

Shanti’s story about how  on how she got into, and out of, debt, and what it’s taught her about living life to the fullest, is a good read. My Debt Story (Part Three): A Life of Frugal Abundance

And for something you may think is a little off topic, some color from Christine who provides an insight into spending time in Barcelona on the Cheap. If you have visited Barcelona, this may bring back the color and memories for you: I know it did for me.

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As of April the Abundance Carnival will focus on the Law of Attraction. We will continue to select the top 5 posts that relate to the Law of Attraction and resonate with us.  Categories within the Law of Attraction, will  include Tools for Attraction, Deliberate Attraction, Allowing, Desire and Manifestation.