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Working from home has many positive benefits and is something I love doing. I often think maybe I would like a studio/work space outside the home – sometimes I think I would be more productive. Currently I like our set up, we have used our lounge room looking out onto our garden as our office. So much nicer than being in the back bedroom, and our friend and relatives, who think we are crazy are getting used to it.

Home Garden

There are many thing to consider when deciding to make the move to work at home and to this end , my partner Des Walsh has just written a terrific post over at Thinking Home Business. A fellow business coach and home based entreprenuer, Laurie Hayes has written a special report titled: The 7 Deadliest Mistakes Hopeful Entrepreneurs Make While Pursuing Their Dream of Home-Based Business: And How To Make 100 Certain You Avoid Them. I have read the report and thing it is full of really prctical advice, I could have used some of this when starting out many years ago around the kitchen table To read Des’s post go to Thinking Home Business

If you just want the report go to this page