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Law of Attration working today. Just received an email from Aaron at Fulltilt Blogging . I can attract $400 for my BHAG , if one of my readers buys the site Aaron is selling. So if you head over there and decide that this is a niche you love, mention my name, thanks:)

Full Tilt Marriage

Aaron is selling a great blog in a Niche on marriage and relationships. Not my passion, even though I know it is a popular area. It is making money and all the stats are there to see.

Aaron has some great news for potential buyers:

You can have an income generating, PR 3, top Google ranked niche site within the next 24 hours—complete with content, subscribe incentives, affiliate programs—the works.

There are many extras plus a free ebook to downloadAaron has put together a complete guide for you to download showing all the steps you can take to build your own automated income niche business.

Head on over to Fulltilt Blogging to see if it is a match for you and help me Get to Vancouver. Thanks.

Have a delicious weekend.