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I have stumbled upon Darren Rouse several times in the past two days.

Yesterday I was on Twitter and saw Darren twitter  his traffic stats

    #1 Google organic, #2 ‘Direct’, #3 Stumbleupon, #4 Google referral, #5 yahoo/organic, #6 delicious, #7 jobs.problogger, #8 technorati , #8 technorati, #9 bloglines, #10 netvibes, #11 aol organic and #12 popurls – digg was at #39, diggers hate problogger 🙂

I was surprised to see how high Stumbleupon was and the low ranking for Digg. I then realised I need to add some analytical time and skill building to my weekly routine. It is good to know where your traffic is coming from and as Wendy Piersall has found out this week, who your readers are.

This morning I saw a Twit from Darren saying he was doing an impromptu Q & A on It was a great session, very casual and I came away better informed and  I am putting on hold a new blog I was going to work on over the next week.

The basic reason I am not going ahead with that blog was that Darren said the Making Money Online is a very crowded market. I also have a blog in one of the niche areas that Darren mentioned, that need more attention.

Head to the this link to hear the replay, there were many gems. I asked about the 6 figure Blogging Course that is coming up and found that last time there were many Intermediate level bloggers. I am considering doing this course to take this blog to a 6 figure income.

If you want to connect with Darren read today’s post where he lists what he uses now and may explore in the future.

One new one Darren mentions as being cool is new, Friendfeed,  one I joined this week too.

Now I am off to get update my Stumbleupon account. Please stumble with me there