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When we first watched The Secret , and heard the story of Lee Brower, a teacher who found that things weren’t going right in his life. This is his story:

One day, he found a rock and he said to himself ‘Every time I touch this rock, I’m going to think of something I’m grateful for’.And so every morning he wakes up, picks up his rock from the dresser, puts it in his pocket and he goes through what he’s grateful for in life.And every night he comes home, empties his pocket, sees his rock and again he goes through what he’s grateful for.And so one day he had a friend from South Africa visit and he dropped the rock in front of his friend and the friend from South Africa asked ‘What is that?’ Lee Brower explained what he was doing with his rock and pretty soon his friend started calling it a Gratitude Rock.

Two weeks later, Lee Brower got an email from his South African friend asking if he had any Gratitude Rocks to send over. His friend explained that his son was suffering from a rare form of Hepatitis and was dying. So Lee went to the river to look for rocks and he sent the rocks to his friend in South Africa. Five months later, Lee gets an email from his friend telling him that his son is doing terrific and completely cured of the disease.

Des started collecting special rocks and stones each morning when we walk on the beach at Coolangatta and Rainbow Bay. Des selects the rocks with care, and then one of these rocks goes into a shorts pocket each day. The others live in a special timber bowl. I said to Des yesterday, how easy this is for men, who always seem to be wearing clothing that has pockets. Time to be innovative and maybe add a pocket to a bra. More about Gratitude Rocks tomorrow.

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