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Each day we walk and swim on the beautiful beach at Greenmount, Coolangatta on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Morning at Coolangatta

At 6AM, this morning, as we parked at the beach, I glanced at the car parked next to us and I saw a young man in the drivers seat, who looked like he was about to go to work on the a nearby building site. He was having breakfast – a meat pie and coke!

Maybe I need to get out more. In this day and age is this do healthy young people still not understand how to eat and drink intelligently? You know that by mid moring his body will be craving more fast food and another coke. Never mind there are some golden arches in the building next to the building site.

Just to assure you I did have a healthy breakfast of homemade muesli with yoghurt and green tea. I also know that as a part of being abundant it is essential to be healthy. For me this means having lots of energy,www as well as eating healthy food and exercising.

I recently discovered and was shocked to find out how many foods are acidic and the effect this has on our bodies and our overall health. Some of my favourite things like coffee and wine are high in acid, while sports drinks, soda and coke have even higher acidity.

To see the soda demo is visit here