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I was over at Yaro Starak’s blog yesterday and noticed his latest post “Do you Lack a Powerful Vision?’ I was interested in his opening and closing paragraphs.

The opening paragraph talks about Action:

“The most common and powerful advice dished out by every expert on this planet is the one word: Action.”

The closing paragraph:

“Actions may be key, but without vision guiding action, you won’t achieve your goals because you won’t know what your truly goals are. “

I know this has been one criticism of The Secret, that there is more to making your millions, losing weight or whatever your dream is than just having the picture. Taking action is a must. First step is to have t the vision, the dream, the goal , the picture- what ever word works best for you.

I know when I started out with 6M Profit Method Listening to the CD Your Million Dollar Desire and creating You Vivid Vision were the first steps. Without the Vivid Vision how could I have a clear focus for what action I was going to take each day to achieve My Million Dollar Desire. I am now going to revisit My Vivid Vision and see if I need to revise it, print it out in color and have it infront of me each day.