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From having a home with water views, to owning a late model luxury car, to experiencing profound peace of mind and serenity at all times – each of us has our own image of what abundance means. And many of us want all those things, and more! I’ve spent a lot of time and money, tracking down the best ways to get onto the Abundance Highway – and stay on. My Abundance Highway website and this blog are dedicated to sharing experiences, tips and resources to help others find their way onto that highway and stay on it till they can ease back and enjoy the abundance they desire. And the first tip, which I’ve learnt the hard way, is to start by being grateful, no matter how ‘un-abundant’ you may be feeling right now. Grateful? Yes. How do you expect the bountiful Universe to reward you with abundance if you are unable to ‘count your blessings’ right now and be grateful? Not going to happen. You could start right now by thinking about someone good in your life and say thank you – directly to them if they are around. See how it feels. Could you get used to that feeling? If so, you are on your way to Abundance as you never imagined it!

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