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Inspiration for the sick blogger, and it seems like there are a few Aussie bloggers that have come down with the bug. I see a link coming in from Joh Blogs who also has the flu

I notice that Darren has a great blog post 8 Things to do when you are sick and I will file this and get this ready should I again attract dis-ease to my body again.

As I have now had more days of from posting than I care to even think about. I thought I would share something that gives me joy.

I have been listening to some audios, including The Secret and some from Jack Canfield while I have been on enforced R&R.

Jack says to do more of what makes you joyful, whether that be meditating, watching a movie, writing, being creative, walking in nature, it’s whatever makes your heart sing.

After I heard these words yesterday, and a trip to the doctor did nothing to enlighten me as to when I would feel bouncy again. Rest, rest and more rest

I thought it was time to experience some joy- to feel the sun on my back, to hear the sound of water, to be in touch with nature, to feel the sand between my toes

I packed  some lunch,  and headed out the front door, and down the path to experience both the beauty of the Tweed River and joy.