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The One Minute Millionaire – The story that transform your life and makes you rich, is both a fascinating book and a great reinforcement for understanding that 90% of success is about being The Indian I wrote about in part 1. The mentor in the story, Sam points out that this is the most important part of becoming a millionaire when her mentoree, Michelle, asked in the early days , when were they going to get down to the “real” business of making a million?

This maybe as Lisa Diane said, that the most challenging part of becoming successful is accepting that you are abundant and taking the action steps to get youself there. it is about having the belief that I CAN. Reading the book is easy and fun, making the decision to make the shift to take the challenge is often what has us chasing a new shiny object. Each day there is usually at least one shiny new object in our email box 🙂

The book provides you with 24 AHAs on your road to freedom. I will explore these over the next few weeks. As the the 4th Aha – Abundance is your Natural State provides an exercise I have adopted, I decided to share this one as we are on the Abundance Highway. The practise is for 30 days , in the morning before you get out of bed, and evening before you fall asleep, repeat- with feeling, belief, imagination and acceptance:

“I am abundant in every good way. Infinite money is mine to earn, save, invest, exponentially mutiply, and share. My abundance is making everyone better off. I embrace abundance and abundance embraces me.”