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It’s halfway through the 30 day Challenge, Day 15. I have found two niches that meet Ed’s rules.

This year I am following each step as it is presented and I am almost up to date. By today we are to have 6 articles written for each of our 2 niches.

Having a Team has been great, good to bounce ideas off, share resources, etc

The main challenge has been finding the niches that meet the set research criteria.

There have been some great tools developed to assist with this process by Mike Mindel and Mike Stenhouse.

Mike Mindel over at his blog Webventurer is also providing daily updates in note form. A great way to catch up.

I have also found another tool I own , that comes with or can be bought separately has been excellent. This will also be very useful in expanding this recipe after the challenge.

You might wonder why I used the word recipe? You could substitute the word, process. Following the recipe/process is crucial to one’s success.

is a great teacher and this challenge training is laying the foundation. He has been very thorough outlining very clearly the steps to follow. It is a good idea to follow, I can see from talking to another challenger that, if you skip some of the training videos you make unnecessary work for yourself.

If anyone is joining later on, I would recommend you follow each day as it is presented. It will make sense and you will have a system to use to build your Successful Online Business. You won’t need to reinvent the wheel.

” A stitch in time saves nine”


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