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Looking For An New Challenge?

The Thirty Day Challenge started in full swing today, yes you can still join in. The tools and skills you will gain make it worth having a look at. Inspired by Richard Merritt a maker of fine writing pens and from what Ed Dale has been saying in the pre season videos, I am thinking that this year I may just be able to get My Art really swinging.

One of the issues I have had with the Thirty Day Challenge in the past was coming up with a niche that I was interested enough in to develop.

I have heard Ed saying look at what you are doing in real life and this maybe where you will find your niche for the net. He said that you can use your existing business. This sounds great I thought as if the art doesn’t swing there is my new Law of Attraction online business that I have been a little slow in launching since my Vancouver trip. I vanished down the rabbit hole in July.

The second challenge is something I have been working since July 21, and will culminate on September 4th.

Bob Doyle, yes  Bob from The Secret, had a personal challenge that he had set himself. So he decided to set up a 45 Day Boundless Living Challenge at Ning. Bob thought a few people would join in and support him. There are now 5469 members. Some participants, some spectators. You can still join up by August 4th, making it another Thirty Day Challenge. Before you say , but there are 31 Days in August, as Ed said yesterday, 30 sounds much sexier than 31.

So if you have something you have been procrastinating about starting or maybe finishing, this is the place to be. Check it out here. You do have to be a member of NING to be either a spectator or participate and yes there are prizes and great resources.

I will be sharing my story about my Boundless Living Challenge tomorrow.