Once in a Blue Moon

I have just come back from watching the moon rise over the river where I live. The sun was setting over Mount Warning as the moon rose over the sea and the broad expanse of the Tweed River.

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This morning when I realized it was a full moon I went searching on the net to check the time of the moon rise. I found a fantastic web site: earthsky.org

The full moon comes at precisely 1:49 p.m. Universal Time today. Here in Australia that is 11.49pm.

Bruce McClure in response to a comment I left says:”It?ll be way high up in your sky, like the summer noonday sun”.

In Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, this full moon is a blue moon: the second full moon in June. Because of differences in time zone, America?s blue moon came last month, in May. You can read more here in an article called: How rare is a full blue moon this occurs apparently every 19 years, so we can all expect to see only 4 or 5 in a lifetime.

So look for the moon tonight. No matter where you live, it?ll be round and full in our sky.

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I will post again tomorrow after I have seen the night sky as midday sun.

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