Monday Motivational Sayings

Motivational Sayings

This famous saying by Goethe inspires me, as does watching the sun rise.

Something I am blessed to see many mornings a week over Rainbow Bay.

Monday was inspired by Wendy Piersall’s Monday Motivation, also from her 10 days to a better blog course where it is suggested you develop a daily or weekly blogging habit.

I did Wendy’s course back in June and developed some great practices. I have just reread the goals I set back then.

I know I got distracted after my rankings dropped dramatically after posting twice a day for a month, than there was the flu, etc ( just excuses I know).

Well here in Australia Spring has sprung and it is time to revisit 10 days to a better blog. When I have completed that I’ll head over to Darren’s 31 days to building a better blog, where I have just discovered there are 626 readers’ tips.

I would have followed his course, only it was on at the same time as the wonderful Thirty Day Challenge.

I love multitasking, but sometimes there really is only so much one can pack into a day, a week, a month.

So back to Monday Motivational Sayings.

Begin it now! Just get started! Take action!

These are words that I often hear and read from motivational writers and speakers.

I love this book by Susan Haywood Begin ItMotivational Sayings Now This is a book of motivation that I have owned for 20 years and which has many motivational sayings to get you started.

Susan says

Begin It Now is about living your life to the ultimate: taking your ideas and aspirations, acting on them, seeing then through to success, and not giving up when the quest gets challenging.”

Now it is time to start and keep doing daily actions the move me towards my goals and to meet the mission of The Abundance Highway

4 thoughts on “Monday Motivational Sayings

  1. Me and you must have been visited in the night by the same person. When I got up this morning I wrote on my blog a post called ‘Take Action – Make Money’ reminding people that the only way to make money on the internet is to do something about it! I also added that as the slogan for the website!


  2. Suzie,
    I really enjoy your posts, each one is very personal and has lots of good tips. I would like to be that way with my blog but I don’t think it comes as naturally.

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