Learn HTML, XHTML and CSS the Quick and Easy Way

Elizabeth Castro’s book Learn Html, XHTMLl and CSS the Quick and Easy Way, is a must have in any Bloggers library. With my recent WordPress theme challenges I have found the book invaluable.

Amazon.com: HTML, XHTML, and CSS, Sixth Edition (Visual Quickstart Guide): Books: Elizabeth Castro

ISBN: 0321430840
ISBN-13: 9780321430847

Elizabeth has laid the book out in a simple and logical manner. There are clear and concise instructions.

I love the visual presentation that gives you a step by step guide on how to:

  • insert a picture
  • changing the size of text
  • make a border
  • insert tables
  • create a style sheet
  • embed video to name a few

As well as these step by step instructions, most of the chapters have a tips section as well.

Appendix are laid out in a table format are a quick reference guide for HTML coding. Appendix B on CSS Properties and Values I am finding as I learn a new skill, has been fantastic. Appendix C provides a very comprehensive guide to (X)HTML symbols and characters, mostly like a foreign language to me , but wonderful to know they are there should i need them.

There is also a quick colour reference fold out at the back- Elizabeth has selected 234 colors that range through the spectrum, a good starting point.

You can view the Table of contents here.