Law of Attraction Raising Your Vibration

An Abundance Tool: Part 2 :Raising My Vibration


The next steps in the process of Deliberate Attraction are  to raise your vibration and create your Desire Statement. This follows on from the Clarity Through Contrast Worksheet we explored 2 weeks ago.


In this short video, Michael Losier talks about Your Vibrational Bubble and you can access an audio on Setting your Vibration at his website, where the worksheets can be downloaded . You can also see examples of completed desire statements.





Raising your vibration is an essential part of the deliberate attraction process. In Words send Vibrations  I shared the tools we need to keep our vibration positive. Remember there are only two ways to vibrate- one is positive and one is negative.

Michael says that one of the keys in making the Law of attraction work for you is to keep your desires within your current vibrational bubble.

So how do you do this? Think of activities that make you feel good. For me the following help me stay positive:

  • daily meditation
  • reading my desire statement
  • focusing on my desires
  • being in the now
  • being grateful
  • walking on the beach
  • waking up and looking at my vision board
  • completing tasks that move me forward
  • celebrating my wins

I find I must be aware to stay in the positive bubble as

  • Worrying about what might be
  • saying I can’t, won’t, don’t…
  • being in what if…….mode
  • beating myself up
  • spending time with people who are negative

These are just some ways that create for me a negative vibrations. So the more I focus on what I want, the more I move towards my desired outcome.

Can you think of ways you use to stay positive? 

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8 thoughts on “Law of Attraction Raising Your Vibration

  1. I agree with you that unless we stay mindful, it it impossible to keep out the negative thoughts. The moments we go out of the present moment, negative thoughts start creeping in. Watching them mindfully makes them go away.

    • Hi Olivier,

      I like you comment of “watching them mindfully makes them go away” negative thoughts can so easily bring one down.

  2. Hi Suzie,

    Great post.

    I believe that we constantly exchanging energy with our personal living and work space.

    Aligning the vibrational bubble of your home to match your personal bubble would be extremely powerful.

    May the flow be with you.


    • Thanks Carole,

      You always get that thinking mind of mine off on a a new path.

      Getting in the flow and then what I have learnt from Michael is allowing is so important and maybe the most challenging past ot this process

  3. Great article. Staying in a positive bubble take a bit of effort sometimes, but it is oh so worth it! Newspapers and programs are other things that poke big holes in my positive bubble.
    I just found this blog and I love it! I’ll be back 🙂

    • Hi Alison,

      love your enthusiasm and thanks for the love.
      Yes staying in the positive bubble can be a challenge, but as you say very worth while. Sometimes i find closing off to the news keps my vibes high.

  4. The more you think positive, positive things will come to you as well.
    But sometimes, we can’t avoid to think the negative things. So it’s important that we have to balance our mind.

  5. Suzie:
    Greetings from Chicago – where it’s been a bit of challenge to see brightness on gray, gloomy and snowy days. Glad I found this post today – good reminders to stay positive and think of good things – like spring and new life!

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