Blog World Expo- Belated Link Love

A belated post about Blog World Expo. I hope it will inspire more bloggers to go to Las Vegas in September 2008. Especially a few more Australians. There were 3 of us Simon Chen from Eight Black, and Des and myself

Blog world expo was truly amazing. This was about learning, community, networking, friendship, conversation, playing and more. A non stop 3 day blast. A big thank you goes to Rick Calvert, Dave Taylor and all the team at Blog World Expo. The vision achieved so successfully. What a wonderful community to be part of.

It was great to meet the many blogging evangelists, the bloggers who have helped me grow my blog and bloggers I have bumped into through carnivals and just around the blogosphere.

I also realized how important it is to have a photo of yourself on your blog. Makes it so easy to connect.

And now for just a few of the people I connected with over the 3 days. It is quite amazing when you first meet people you have only had contact through the web- it’s like meeting a long lost friend and the conversation flows readily.

Rich Brooks, from Flyte commented on this after we had dinner on the first evening in Las Vegas.

I met many bloggers who I have learnt and am still learning from.

Ms Danielle Wendy Piersall

John Chow Dave Taylor & Andy Wibbels

Edith Yeung Glenda Watson Hyatt

And not to forget the wonderful parties and thanks to

Jim Kukral and Stephanie Agresta for the invite to The Share a Sale Party

The wonderful Pyjama Party sponsored by Pajamas Media, with wonderful food, great music and lots of fun.

As these photos show there were some people who dressed for the occasion

Sim from Utterz Kirsten Neher

And the final Party on Friday night sponsored by Gerard Ramos from Zappos
which we went to in a Limo , well negotiated by Dave Taylor

Andy Wibbels, Barbara Rozgonyi, Des Walsh

5 thoughts on “Blog World Expo- Belated Link Love

  1. Belated, but still appreciated! It was SO great to finally meet you and Des – and seeing these pictures just makes me wish we had a few more days in Vegas together again! 🙂

    • Like wise Wendy, Des and I were just talking about going earlier next year. So we have some food for thought in planning next year.

      It was great to meet you too. Thanks also for all your guidance. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the link – and for taking the picture in the limo. What a ride! Great meeting you and Des. Looking forward to more BlogWorld fun next year. Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2008!

  3. Sounds like a blast. Isn’t it great to connect with people before you go to a conference so that when you get there it’s so much easier and you’ve had that starting point. Aaahh, the wonder of the internet and blogs.

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