Australian Blogging Conference and Why I am Happy I am A Blogger.

What a great day. I am so glad I went.

A big thanks go to Peter Black who coordinated what was a conference with a difference, This was like the blogosphere, we were all able to participate in the conversation of the discussion, only in person rather than online.

It was well organized with time for learning, listening, contributing and networking, not to mention the tasty free food.

I met people I knew only by their photo or blog online, including blogging legends Duncan Riley and Yaro Starak and I had fun. The other blogging legend, Des Walsh has a detailed account of events you can read about here.

As I sat down for the first discussion of the conference I found myself sitting next to Megan Bayliss who blogs at Imaginif and runs The Carnival of Australia which is how I met her, online.

I gained insight into Creative Commons . If like me this sounds foreign to you,as it did for me, there is a humorous video you can watch that explains how you can share, reuse, and remix web content legally. I am still looking at how I will implement this on my blog. This is a free service and allows you to embed links into your “work” that will especially help if people are using content from your blog inappropriately and without attribution. For instance, copying a whole post from your blog and using it inappropriately (“scraping”).

I attended the next session with Duncan assisted by Yaro in the session Building a Better Blog. This was a lively discussion session and the main points I took away were:

  • Quality content beats gaming the system.
  • Know what you competition is doing.
  • Linking and more linking -remember first to give, before you get.
  • Design style
  • The significant potential revenue to be made from well placed advertisements when you have built your traffic
  • The importance of comments- this is where the conversation takes place.

Des and Yaro led a discussion The Future for your Blog, Promoting your blog and Building traffic:

Des asked Yaro to give 3 key principles for getting traffic:

  1. The best source of traffic is another blogger linking to you
  2. Social Bookmarking- Digg, Propeller,Stumbleupon and again this means you must write quality content
  3. Participate in Forums- Digital Point and Site point were mentioned. I would add here that joining communities like Bumpzee and MyBlogLog are also great communities to be in. The Australian community from Bumpzee was well represented at this conference, so now I can put more names to the faces that visit my blog.

Other points from the session that can help both promote your blog and drive traffic.

  • Use Feedburner
  • Putting a Frappr map on your blog
  • Article and e-zine marketing- John Hacking from Search Tempo contributed to the discussion about article marketing and has a podcast that is worth listening to on starting out with article marketing. On article marketing another point that was made about the content you submit to e-zines is not the blog post you have just written. You need to do some rewriting and adapting . Google doesn’t like duplicate content. This is different to what some others are saying about your use of content.

I came away revitalized, inspired, with new blogging contacts, ideas and a determination to become a A list blogger. I am very pleased Des got invited to speak at Blog World in Las Vegas in November. If you live in the USA and can get there I would love to meet you there.

I forgot to mention an added plus, was after conference networking at a local pub, with a glass of red, I got to share conversation with NickHodge from Microsoft, Lindsay Polson, a fellow Gold Coast blogger and artist and Duncan Riley who, has recently become a convert to Apple and when I saw facebook on his new I-phone, plus his passion, I realised I am ready for conversion. Today I saw many Apple Laptops in use during the day and as I am on the lookout for a new laptop, this was a very timely conversation.

I now feel as well as developing new friends online, I have become part of the Australian Blogoshere, I got the sense of a good community developing.

16 thoughts on “Australian Blogging Conference and Why I am Happy I am A Blogger.

  1. Suzie, my new real time friend, it was so good to meet you face to face. That conference is going to stay in my memory for years.
    Thanks for doing a review of that last session with Yaro and Des. I talked so much that I kept no notes!!!!!!!
    Thanks for giving the Carnival of Australia an extra lift as well. We are all the more abundant for having your fortnightly posts included.
    Take care, stay safe.
    Megan Bayliss

  2. An excellent summary, thanks for the plug Suzie.

    Yes, I noticed a lot of Apple branding around. Interesting …

    I also noticed a lot of blue Chambray shirts and RM Williams moleskins and boots in the first session. Must be a sort of uniform for the elite Bloggers, or is that lawyers? šŸ™‚

    Here’s a tip, make sure that when you have Digg it icons on your posts (like above), you submit it yourself first:) I’ve just submitted this post to Digg. I don’t know what a plug is so I left that alone.

    All the best. Have fun in the USA

    • Was great to meet you John, thanks for the tip re Digg, I knew there was something I was missing. I have just been checking the program for blogworld- looks amazing- will report here- I think it is time to learn touch typing.

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  4. Hi Suzie. It was good to sit next to you in the better blogs workshop. I’m sure we’ll meet again when we organise a Gold Coast bloggers meetup.

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  8. Suzi,
    Now I know why you kept writing all those notes.
    Your post has reminded me of things that my feeble mind had forgotten. Yes, it was a great day, and was made even better by great people all prepared to give generously of their time and expertise.
    What an impressive crew Peter Black leads.

    • My pleasure Lindsay.
      I have checked out your sites, recognise your artwork, we might have entered the same shows.
      see you are Gold Coast meet Up

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  11. All of these details sound interesting and useful. Thanks for the tips. There’s always more to learn.

    Some people feel they must keep an eye on “what the competition is doing.” In The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, modern day teachers concur that there is more than “enough” money, love, attention, traffic, ect., for everyone. So the view that you must compete to achieve more, take traffic away form others, isn’t really the case. From the moment you embrace the abundance available all around you, and contrinue sending useful info out for the Universe and your readers to use, life and web traffic flow will flow favorably in surprising ways.

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