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Welcome To #10 SABs

Super Abundant Bloggers

Super Abundant Blogger.

The people chosen and their blogs will exemplify abundance, abundant thinking and generosity of spirit: they will also inspire me. They make a difference by what they do, and who they be.

Drum roll for this week’s SABS: This week features 3 Super Abundant Bloggers that inspire and empower me in different ways through their amazing blogs.


The Bold Life
Tess Marshall who writes such an uplifting blog, guaranteed to inspire and challenge. When you first visit The Bold Life you are greeted with this message:
Warning! My blog will challenge you to be more, give more, live fearlessly, take more chances and show up in the world unstoppable, daring and bold.
And on Tess’s about page she again challenges her readers:
I invite you to think bold, feel bold and act bold…and live your dream!
Are You Ready For A Bold Life?

Being bold means taking responsibility for your dreams.
Being bold means making bold choices.
Being bold means thinking big.
Being bold means making an impact.
Being bold means taking risks.
Being bold means refusing to be confined.
Being bold means making a difference.
Being bold is taking action.
Being bold means never hiding who you are.
Being bold means seeing the big picture.
Being bold means allowing fear to motivate you.
Being bold means living without excuses.

A blog I have just added to my RSS reader


The Serendipity Factory

The Serendipity Factory: Happy Discoveries Blog:

We seek out people in the world who are doing positive or creative things. People who are being true to themselves and living their dreams. This is simply a collection of random happy discoveries.

Tami and Traci are sisters who call themselves the Serendipity Factory Custodians and you will find this  both inspiring and guaranteed to brighten your day. Head on over and be inspired


Operation Nice

Melissa Morris Ivone who believes:

that kindness can change the world, so it’s my mission to spread the concept of being nice, as simple as that may sound.

Melissa says: What we all need is a little NICE and her blog encourages us to be nice!


And here is the official SAB badge for these bloggers to choose to proudly display.


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