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I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Has Gone!


That is the title of my BEACH Notes this week over at Successful Blog. Last week my week was a little cloudly like the weather.

It is amazing how sometimes when you have lots of contrast, it is easier to get clarity

I wrote about being in one of¬† my “overwhelm” states. HOW would I get everything completed IN TIME? I was feeling very cloudy and twitter, facebook and email were a great distraction.

The highway even got neglected. So I had lots of contrast along with lots of what I didn’t want.

I dumped everything on paper and now have a wonderful plan with things getting checked off. That makes me feel good and keeps the vibrations high.


My other excuse, pathetic as it maybe, I still seem to be spending too many minutes talking with the techies about % packet loss! We were back at dialup speed last week before finally Telstra admitted their was a line fault and we now have a new port. I wouldto say that it was like having a miracle wand wavedand voila we had a lightening fast connection. Looks like I have some serious allowing to do to attract that.

Now I must go and set up some websites as my interview  by Raven Blair Davis from Careers from the Kitchen Table to be aired this week. Watch my tweets for more details as I am following someone special.

Wishing you a High Vibes Day


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