The Law of Attraction is Back in Action


 Law of attraction

Drawing this card today has had me thinking about where my thoughts have been for the last week. You might had noticed I have been very quiet on the blogging scene since returning from Vancouver. Yes I had a fantastic time. I am a Master Law of Attraction Facilitator. I will be sharing my insights, updating what will be happening here and more- I am excited. I have so much to share

My body, and my ego I think decided to slow me down. It has been time to integrate what I learned, clarify the the business model, learn to touch type and begin my teleclass leaders training.

Does your body and /or you ego slow you down sometimes?


Card fromDaily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards


4 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction is Back in Action

  1. Welcome back Suzie! Yup, body might have been back in the physical space, but sounds like mind, spirit and soul took a little bit longer to come home… Looking forward to hearing about the new directions, and congratulations on becoming a Master facilitator. I enjoy it when people fulfil dreams, and you can see a metamorphosis taking place in their thinking, direction and visualing potential possibilities.

  2. So the solution to a lack of posting is to take a wonderful holiday to get the blogging juices flowing again. Sounds like a good excuse for a holiday. 😉

  3. Suzie – Thanks for a great post. A friend of my has been reading Angel cards w/me recently. I am amazed and fascinated. Thanks again.

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