BHAG Time:Suzie Releases Her Book To The World

Emergings is released to the world

So many people asked me did I get on Oprah, sadly no and I am continuing with my BHAG to inspire and empower a million people to be agents of change in the world. What I call Change Warriors.

Today I am launching a special package based on my book “Emergings, a meditation on the emotions of change”.Many people have already been inspired by Emergings book.

“More than just a collection of art pictures, Suzie’s book is a work of love. She connects with her words, brushstrokes and heart.She captures beautifully the essence of moment-to-moment awareness in her illustrations. The unfolding process is one to behold. I like how the book comes together, with an end that is harmonious with the start. Her book is a certainly an insightful peek into the ebb and flow of life. Thumbs up!!”- Evelyn Lim, Intuitive Consultant, Life Coach

Reading Suzie Cheel’s book “Emergings” is like having a strong, gentle hand outstretched to you as you travel on te highway of life. Her authentic words and illustrations prod you into your own soul of your own emerging journey.

This is not a book you read once – it calls you back to re-read and re-experience…And each time you do so – a new depth is discovered. Thank You Suzie for sharing your insight and wisdom with us all.”- Ellie Walsh Law of Attraction Life Coach

Suzie Cheel’s book is more a ‘work of art’ than just a book. I was amazed at how effortlessly she combined her inspirational words and beautiful paintings to flow perfectly. It is a joy to read and I found myself going back through SEVERAL times. It is something I want to share with others and would make a beautiful and thoughtful gift.”- Jenny Mannion author of Heal Pain Naturally

Suzie Cheel’s book will carry you through it like light and water. The words will draw you through the gentle and piercing thoughts of life being lived and the colors that surround it. You won’t notice that you’re reading, because you’re not — you’re listening to the softness of another person’s thoughts. – Liz Strauss of Successful Blog, Founder of Sob Con

Read more praise for the book at Emergings and get the book at Amazon

But not everyone wants to read a traditiional ‘dead tree’ printed book. So I am making the book available in a range of formats, including an e-book, an e-Pub version and even a movie. People will be able to buy these separately or in a specially-priced package.”

“And there’ll be a bonus!” The mediation movie of the book will be included- Your can see the preview here

It’s my birthday on Christmas Eve, and to celebrate the occasion I am making a very special offer for the ebook and The Emergings Experience: 50 % discount and a percentage going to Kiva and The Change Warrior team:

Change Warrior

To learn more about the special offer (and the bonus), go to my facebookpage . All facebook fans will have a chance to win. I will be drawing these at Christmas Eve online party- The invitation to this will be in the events on my facebook page tomorrow.

Enter To Win

Be the change

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Do You Have An Oprahgeous Dream?

Monday Inspiration: Suzie’s BHAG


I posted this last week at Suzie Cheel and yesterday I resubmitted as I saw that the window to be on the show while Oprah is in Australia was still open and I decided to rewrite my application and make it sexier. I also included links to the video and my dream board as well as to the book on Amazon.

I have included the submission below and my plan now is to tweet this out to raise more awareness of this dream. I would love for you to share this with your friends and fans via twitter, facebook, linkedin etc.

I have a Oprahgeous dream: I am committed to empowering the people I call Change Warriors in Hiding. These are people who have a desire to create change in the world, but are held back by fear and self doubt. I know I have been there.

I’m passionately committed to help others in the words of Mahatma Gandhi “Be The Change” I have a Big, Hairy Audacious Goal, (BHAG) to touch & empower 1 million people, my book I have had Oprah on my Dream Board ( many years.When I heard there was to me no more Oprah Show I nearly took her picture off, seems like the universe has others ideas!

From my experience & what I have seen of others, I believe passionately that it is essential to embrace change if we are to develop or rediscover our self-esteem. Because without self-esteem we can’t be of much use to ourselves or others. With strong self-esteem we can all achieve our most outrageous dreams.

My book Emergings: a meditation on the emotions of change incorporates a poem and watercolour paintings I created 25 years ago at a time of major change in my own life. I had a choice to make and I chose the path less traveled & I left a safe secure teaching job to become a full time artist and I created a successful business from that. Now, all these years later and after many requests by others,

I have self-published  the book on Amazon: & will soon be available for the ipad, Android etc.I am committing 20% of this project to KIVA and projects that empower others to create change within their communities.f

This will create a small but powerful ongoing ripple effect of change which I believe will lead to positive change in the world. I know that getting a Harpo Help Up would allow me to realise a my outrageous dream, to make a real difference in the world, Thank you.

To keep up dated and get new of The launch of The Emergings Experience at a huge discount on cyber monday make sure you you are a meber of my Facebook fan page– you might win a book:)

Do you have an outrageous dream? Please share with me.

Love and Gratitude

Suzie Cheel

Next Top Spiritual Author: Gratitude

Well I didn’t  make the 250 and it might seem funny but I feel grateful:


I am Grateful for:

  • The experience as it got me moving into action
  • myself for taking action- has raised my profile
  • I have always said I wanted this book on Hay House- what you intend!
  • I will now focus on getting the book on amazon
  • The plan I had back in December now be revisited and put into action
  • I finally bit the bullet and started branding Suzie Cheel- have you joined my facebook page and is coming soon as a video blog
  • I checked my google rankings yesterday and for the keywords Abundance, I was on Page 1 and Law of Attraction in Action in the top 5 on page 1 of Google- that was happy dance time getting put there and engaging impacts in many ways.
  • My video entry is on Page One of google for next top author keywords
  • I can now focus on building a community and not be concerned about drumming up votes or writing a book proposal at this time.

Comments I received that made my heart sing and raised my vibes.

Hi Suzie,

Like they say, everything happens for a reason. I’m so happy you see it as a gift. Now you have time to focus on branding yourself and moving forward. My intuition tells me that your book will be better supported in this way. Once people know you, Suzie Cheel, they will have to buy the book. Congratulations on the google ratings…way to go girl! And, the support you’ve had with the book project will continue and grow beyond your wildest dreams!- Elizabeth Powers

Hello Beautiful Beautiful woman, Congratulations on all of your success and know that you are a gift to the world!- -Michele Fox

Suzie, way to go for looking at the situation with gratitude and for seeing the positives and the learning. You’re going forward strong! Congratulations! – Leanne Chesser

Personally, I’m a bit sad you didn’t win, but I feel totally blessed with your friendship.  You’re an awesome woman Suzie Cheel! Steve Soucy- SM Attractionaires

Suzie, you truly are an incredibly amazing woman and your book is but one part of your beautiful whole. It’s such a privilege to watch and support your growth on this journey.Thanks for including us… and most of all, thanks for Sharing Your Wings With The World in your unique and colourful way. – Butterfly Blessings, Kimberly – The Butterfly Whisperer

Suzie I’m proud of you and what you have achieved so far!! My intuition says that everything is unfolding perfectly for you and that you are going with the flow downstream magnificently!! Teresa Finocchiaro

Way to go, Suzie!!!!!  It’s so great to see you looking at the blessings and positive experience that came out of your endeavor.  You will succeed and realize your dream!!!!!  We are so blessed and honored to call you our friend and fellow Attractionaire!!!!- Trina Drinkut

Congratulations Suzie!!  An amazing achievement – so proud of you for that you have achieved.Here’s to your amazing future!! Kylie Petroni

Suzie!!!!Congrats on all your successes and google rankings!  That is absolutely awsome! I, too, was sorry to hear you did not win.hmmmmm, God must have something greater for you just around the corner…I’m rooting for you all the way! – Camille Superson

Congratulations to all the 250 who are through to the second round and to all who entered we are all winners

Gratitude to Jenny Mannion who told me about the contest and to Lynn Serafinn who tagged me in facebook on Tuesday and introduced me to a wonderful community of spiritual authors set up by Teresa J Phillips at Believe in The Momentge

I feel I am beginning to Live Large



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Law of Attraction Blogger Releases New Book: Emergings

Now I have your attention, I have to thank SEO expert Lonnie Hodge from Culture Fish Media for the headline and Des Walsh for putting together a wonderful Social Media release so that bloggers can have access to audio, video, and the story of the book plus testimonials from the people who reviewed the book for me.

Today I am being interviewed by a fellow blogger and artist Mari Palma on Blog Talk Radio at 9pm EST that is 12 noon here on the Gold Coast and 1 pm in Sydney and Melbourne.

I would like to thank all the people who wrote such great Praise for my Book emergings. Below are snippets from what was said:

“Suzie Cheel’s book is more a ‘work of art’ than just a book…”
Jenny Mannion author of How I Used the Law of Attraction To Chronic Pain

“The graphics are exceptional and the poetry conveys emotion and wisdom.”
– Bill Vick – XtremeRecruiting

“I love it! And the paintings are beautiful! Every single one!”
Bob Doyle, teacher from the Secret, Founder of the Boundless Living Challenge & Wealth Beyond Reason

Suzie Cheel’s book will carry you through it like light and water… ”
Liz Strauss Social Web Strategist, Author of Successful-Blog.

Emergings” is a wonderful little vacation from the “real” world…”
Brad Yates EFT Wizard, Author of The Key To Success.

“Emergings is an artfully created book about the reality of the steps of transitions of our lives.    Suzie has an authentic voice and fills these pages with honesty, heart and wisdom.”
Rain Fordyce, Inspirational Life Coach, Editor of Authentic Times

“‘Emergings’ is comforting, both visually and emotionally. A peacefully  contemplative journey into the self-discovery and growth process that anyone can truly relate to.
Suzie has found a way to take us on that journey of discovery with beauty and compassionate wisdom.”

– Annette Pedersen, LOA Ambassador

“Suzie so eloquently captured how ‘Life’ flows from one moment to the next….   Suzie’s work is truly an inspiration.”  – Dr.Debbie Thompson – Chiropractor, Energy Healer

“Suzie Cheel’s mission is to inspire others and help them find their joy.

Rich German, author of Living the Law of Attraction
You have made a book that is beautiful for the mind (thought-provoking) and beautiful to the eyes, as watching those colorful paintings full of expression is a pleasure. It’s also super easy to read and while reading it one feels that is witnessing your journey of growth.”
Patricia Schiavone,Teacher and Editor

“What a beautiful creation, Suzie.
A gentle lyrical unfolding of the process of growing into a deeper self awareness, and the changes that need to happen in order to facilitate this.
Julie Hart, Psychologist, The Hart Centre

“Reading Suzie Cheel’s book ‘Emergings’ is like having a strong, gentle hand outstretched to you as you travel on the highway of life.   –Ellie Walsh – Law of Attraction Life Coach

Visit The Emergings Book’s Website and visit Blurb to see the first 15 pages.

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