Release and Surrender

From Doreen Virtue Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Card Set

When I drew this card this resonated with where I was at at that time. Since then it keeps appearing once or twice a week. Time to be shared, there are probably readers out there who sometimes struggle too. Maybe even slight control freaks:)

I watched the waves come in and out at the beach. A natural release and surrender process, not a controlled process! The wave is not trying to figure it out, The wave flows in and out

It was at that time I realized that it was time to stop the struggle, and go with the flow.

Let it go,

Be like the tide.

Flow with the universal energy

Allow yourself to be in harmony

No resistance , only ease and grace

Like the wave as it flows in and out.


3 thoughts on “Release and Surrender

  1. Great poem. It helps release the daily stress we go through each and everyday. We all must just flow and not get so frustrated and stressed out by the little things.

  2. Hi Suzie,

    For me it feels like it time to “let go” of some more clutter. Have you got any clutter? physical, electronic, etc.

    Create the energetic space around you to welcome the new in.

    I’m working with Ian Whites water essence at the moment and its all about releasing your intentions and with the natural rhythm of the wave sothey flow back to you gently.

    A beautiful card. Must get myself this deck.

    Peace, love and chai


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    • How did you know? I have just spent this morning cleaning out a drawer and can see lots of stuff elsewhere that needs to be given freedom

      Yes I love this Deck of Daily Guidance cards

      looking forward to catching up- maybe for a chai:)


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