Monday Inspiration

blade of grass

Every blade of grass has its Angel that bends over it and whispers,

“Grow, Grow.”- The Talmud

be inspired and be empowered

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6 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration

  1. Just imagine this…. it’s a great visual. Awe-inspiring! Thanks for the jump start this today and for the week!

  2. Hi Suzie,

    What a beautiful post… The beauty of life is in the simple things that we often don’t perceive. The Universe is always guiding us with its loving Voice, but sometimes we are too distracted with our own mental chatter…

  3. Thanks for the inspiration. Things can get a bit hecktic here at work. I hope I can be that blade of grass.

  4. Short but sweet. I think this would make a great yard sign that can be placed in a front yard or in a public park. Thanks for all the good quotes and stories. Keep posting them for us.

  5. Simple but very awesome! It was really fantastic to think this way that even a simple photo have also an message to tell. Great Imaginations and great Post!! I am fond of reading your quotes and appreciating the beauty of your photos.. Thanks a lot.

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