Meeting My Fellow Blogger Glenda

Glenda Watson Hyatt and I got together with Her husband Darryl last night here in wet Vancouver. We zipped through the streets looking for an internet cafe and dropped in for a brief hello at Open Mic. We then headed off for dinner and a great local pale ale.

Glenda and Suzie

Discussing what we will put our heads together to do next!

Darryl Hyatt

Darryl was great helping me understand Glenda speak, I am in training.

That’s all for now, off to Visit the Art Gallery.

7 thoughts on “Meeting My Fellow Blogger Glenda

    • Thanks Caroline, it is amazing, I do have to learn Glenda speak, mind you we have no trouble on line.

      Glenda is coming to meet Michael tomorrow night, and come to the evening seminar. will be great for her. Trust you are continuing to smile. thanks for your support, I am so excited about to go to the first session.

      Suzie Cheel’s last blog post..Art Scarf:Reef

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