Monday Inspiration: Allowing

Channel Opening

We will discover the nature
of our particular genius
when we stop trying
to conform to our own
or to other peoples’ models,
learn to be ourselves,
and allow our natural channel
to open.- Shakti Gawain

ATTENTION: As of October Monday Inspiration will be moving to Suzie Cheel

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be inspired and be empowered

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Gratitude to Orderinchaos for photo

Are You Accepting You?


Acceptance From Daily Guidance From Your Angels Card Deck

This card jumped out of the deck this morning and I was reminded that when I did my Angel Intuitive course with Doreen Virtue that you should pay extra attention to any “jumping” cards. There can be a special and even strong message there from the angels.

Today’s card reminded me of an affirmation I developed many years ago when doing Insight 1

I am strong creative and free, accepting and loving me and you

Somewhere I may still have the card I carefully illustrated at the time.

What struck me was that the affirmation is still relevant to me today. It does seem to me that as I continue on this life long journey of personal discovery and growth and continue peel off the layers, I still have the “acceptance issue” to face but at a new level.

Share your thought on acceptence in the comments

Wishing you a High Vibe Day



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Super Abundant Bloggers #5

Welcome To Week 5 SABs

Super Abundant Bloggers

Super Abundant Blogger.

The people chosen and their blogs will exemplify abundance, abundant thinking and generosity of spirit: they will also inspire me.

Drum roll for this weeks SABS


jungle of life

I just love Lance‘s tagline : Travelling through the jungle they call life one step at a time. Lance inspires with great writing . I love his Sunday thought for the day, combining great imagery with sayings, poems and wise words.


Good Life Zen

Mary Jaksch is currently running a great Zen retreat which I have joined. Mary takes her conversation to her readers and for me is a new blog I check out weekly.

a daring adventure

Alex Blackwell has inspired me since I first met through my Abundance Thinking carnival back in 2007. Alex has continued to inspire both me and other bloggers through his leadership.


And here is the official SAB badge for these bloggers to choose to proudly display.


be inspired


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Abundance Cafe February 15 2009

Welcome to the Abundance Cafe

Abundance Cafe Take a pit stop off the Highway for some weekly news and specials.


  1. Beach Notes: I Almost Gave Up! my story on starting a thrice weekly swim that almost got stopped.
  2. I did decide to take up Lorraine on her discount price for Insider Tips To Shine as A Radio Guest course.


SAB specials

Love Love Love SAB Jenny Mannion  so appropriate on this Valentine’s Day weekend. I like how Jenny introduces this post with a poem and:

With Valentine’s Day upon us, I felt this would be an excellent time to write about love. Love truly IS the answer to everything. Love can heal. Love can inspire. Love can make you feel all warm and fuzzy like nothing else I know

Australian Fire Tributes:

This week has seen Australia experience it’s worst natural disaster in history. Fortunately so far no one in my family has been affected. The saddest thing for me is that many of the fires were purposely lit and I doubt that I will ever understand how someone could do it.

I would love to have channeled all the rain we have had here on the Gold Coast here this week, down to Victoria.

If you know anyone who has been affected by the bushfires they can attend a free Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays in Melbourne on weekend of Feb 28th/March 1.  Brandon herself lost her home in a fire at Malibu 12 years or so ago. This was the message I received by email:

As you know Victoria has been hit with great trauma with the recent fires.
Brandon has extended an invitation to anyone who has been personally impacted by these events that they are welcomed onto The Journey Intensive in Melbourne as our guests.
If you know of a friend or family, volunteers, firefighters, rescue workers that would benefit by being supported emotionally during this time then please let them know about The Journey, our Offering and get them to call us for support – 1300 30 44 14.

Several of my Aussie Blogging friends have written  posts this week about the bushfires.:

Kelly at She-Power wrote Victoria Burns and a Nation Weeps.

Robyn from Lets Live Forever: wrote Fires in Victoria

Shai Coggins  has a detailed post with links to other blogs Australians Online on Victorian Bushfires

and an amazing photo from the scene

gratitude to Sasha and there are more photos you can see at Flickr

Wishing everyone a great week of attracting abundance.


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